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    A lot of our users are interested in not only building a professional website, but also getting that website seen by as many of their consumers as possible. We refer to this as "Internet Authority". This is also a very big factor in your market's confidence in your identity. These points lead us to the basis of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) conversation. While the key to Internet Authority relies on you uploading original content daily, the strength in your subjects, and a number of basic key word optimization inputs there is not precise formula to get you to the top every time.

    However by hitting as many, if not all, of the points outlined in our SEO Tool available in your virtual office you put yourself far ahead of your average competitor. In addition, the better you get at tweaking these individual factors the better your results will be. Take note: there are over 200 factors that go into Google's indexing of the top websites. For a little more insight I've attached a video from the experts themselves at Google. After watching if you are eager for more information look for more videos on YouTube from Google Webmasters to get amazing insight from the creators themselves.

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