How do I add a password that enables people to enter a restricted page on my website?

Discussion in 'Site Builder' started by Deatrick Jr, Oct 14, 2015.

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    Answer: As of current, we do not offer the specific feature of adding a password protected page, site, or form. Not yet at least. Keep an eye out for this upgrade as we dive into the holiday season! One thing I always like to point out is that we are constantly updating our platform to offer the most seamless and complete user experience on the market today. We also continuously check our forum for feedback to better understand what our community and partners want from us.

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  2. Deatrick Jr

    Deatrick Jr Administrator Staff Member

    As an update to my initial post about a password-protected page or site; I am happy to say that we will be introducing this feature by the end of this month of January 2016.
  3. Hello Deatrick, I've been navigating the resources offered and I cannot find the membership site (password protected) option as you mentioned in the above post. Is it available? Thank you!

    I just found the answer in portuguese, thanks anyway.
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