How do I link my contact form to my Mailing Boss list?

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    Frequent asked question (FAQ) by our users:

    Answer: I am going to assume that you already have your contact form(s) in place and your list(s) created and organized to your preference. If not go into the "FORMS" tab of your Mailing Boss account and sort your list elements and configure your "TAGS".

    (Autoresponder): After making sure your list is on track and your contact form's elements are aligned exactly as they are in Mailing Boss, copy the code found on your "subscription confirmed" page in your list. Right click on your form in the site editor and click on "configure". Select "edit" on the Default side and paste the code in the space labeled action. Configure the Method to "POST".

    (Regular Campaign): Go through the same process as above until to get to the "configure " choices of your contact form. Instead of choosing "Default" choose "Configure Received Email Response". Fill in your preferred email, subject that will appear in your outgoing messages, and your intended action link.

    For better comprehension I have attached the relevant tutorial videos that will walk you through step-by-step.

    How to link your contact form:

    How to create Autoresponder campaign:

    How to create Regular campaign:

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